Walk, ride, drive...
do it all on TerraPave, naturally

It's easy to build Green when you have the right materials.

From homeowners to municipalities, to Mother Nature herself, everyone can appreciate the beauty of TerraPave.

TerraPave is the smart, eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete and asphalt pavement. A perfect fit for decorative and recreational paths, driveways, parking areas, and private roads, TerraPave has been a favorite of contractors for over a decade.

Made from a combination of all-natural pine tree resin along with a proprietary biodegradable binder. TerraPave can be installed with basic hand tools and a plate compactor for smaller projects, or for larger projects standard paving equipment can be used. TerraPave maintains it's environmentally clean profile from start to finish. It's pine tree resin binding agent is made from by-products of the forest and paper products industries, following sustainable harvesting practices. Using no petroleum-based additives, TerraPave's clear resin-based binder is then combined with an aggregate to achieve the desired surface color. The result looks right at home wherever it goes, easily blending with or complementing the look of surrounding terrain. Because TerraPave is pH-neutral, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-hazardous, it has even been used in sensitive riparian and wetland areas where water quality protection is a top priority.

While TerraPave's environmental footprint is small, its durability goes head-to-head with traditional petroleum-based paving surfaces.